1.  Paper Plastic Glass Leather?
People ask why I use leather instead of other materials more “holistic” or “green”. The short answer is not complicated. The leather we use can become fine art, or it would more typically be turned into dog chews or shoes instead, carelessly cast away in a short time. The art I make is beautiful and enduring, and I hope, plays a part in bringing a sense of connection to timeless truths to those who experience it. I honor the beings who brought us this magical material, and they live on in another form, reminding us of the gift of their existence.

Other materials also have their virtues, yet none gives the array of results we achieve with leather.

A longer answer delves into the ecological and social impacts of industrial animal husbandry, issues of commoditizing living creatures, and  how humans fit into a web of life. For now, i have to leave that discussion open. Everything in the material world is a tradeoff, no matter how deep you go. Satori is the only balanced point.

2.  Why are these objects art, and not craft?
They are both, and don’t pretend to be anything else. “Primitive” art was rarely if ever intended to be beautiful for its own sake. It always had a functional social context. In my modern iterations, the intent is to connect people to a natural cosmic world, to evoke feelings of warmth, expansion, gratitude and immanent potential in viewers. Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind print in limited editions.

3.  Why are they so ExPen$ive?!
The process of creating these prints took several years and a Large amount of money, not to mention energy: endless trials and failures and retrials and gradual progress, to achieve. If it was easy, I guess everybody would do it. As it is, if you don’t like the prices, please go to whatever galleries you choose, anywhere in the world, and find something like it. Then email me and send a picture. Or just order a couple right now.